“ Mazhakkalam Varavayi ”

Once considered as the most invaluable favour of the nature showered on the people in Kerala, the rain has become a threat nowadays as it brings many water – borne diseases along with it. Not only that immediately after the disappearance of monsoon, people in Kerala complaints about water scarcity. When the former is due to lack of sanitation and hygiene practices, the latter are lack of conservation measures. It is generally agreed that, Kerala gets an average rain fall of 2360 mm every year. There is no justification for keralites to complain against water scarcity. KAIROS found that this is a serious issue to be addressed and formulated and implemented programme to check the seasonal diseases (water borne diseases) and water runoff. For the former awareness generation programmes were organized and conducted and for the latter non conventional water harvesting systems were introduced for high risk families and communities.


Federation Leaders Meeting of Kolping India

To evaluate and monitor the Kolping programmes

Two days Seminar on Organic Farming (20 & 21 January 2016)

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Field visit by MSW Students

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Gathering of Family Development Program Beneficiaries

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KLM Dharna

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Entrepreneur meeting

Entrepreneur meeting inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Jilson Panakkal.