Vision & Mission


Create a society of justice, peace and harmony based on true human values.


Capacity Building of the people in all aspects to generate and carryout development at their own level in a participatory and sustainable manner


  • To promote sustainable people’s movement
  • To strengthen decentralization and participatory process
  • To promote eco friendly development and lifestyle
  • To generate gender perspective in development initiatives
  • To promote Entrepreneurship


Participatory Action-Reflection in all interventions involving all the development actors while recognizing their specific identity


KAIROS has a decentralized structure where all the partners have their own freedom and flexibility to interact with each other and to engage in development collaboration with other likeminded institutions with due emphasis on the vision and objectives realized by it.

We are mainly concentrated to work in the northern civil districts of Kerala i.e., Kannur and Kasargod. Following are the main target areas we focussed.


All the above intervention areas we formed the following groups by involving 28536 members.

1. 32 Goal Oriented Schemes

  • Kurumathur
  • Poovam
  • Pattuvam
  • Vellikkeel
  • Aripambra
  • Bakkalam
  • Pilathara
  • Kuttur
  • Mathamangalam
  • Embatte
  • Mariyapuram
  • Kunhimangalam
  • Vellarivayal
  • Malayampadi
  • Parakkappara
  • Kottugappara
  • Nileswaram
  • Kanakappalli
  • Ezhimala
  • Punchakkad
  • Burnacherry
  • Chalil
  • Thayyil
  • Kannadiparamba
  • Mattul North
  • Mattul South
  • Madai
  • Choottad
  • Cherukunnu
  • Neruvambram
  • Kavumchal
  • Kattakkulam

2. Self Help Groups to the entire target areas

3. 63 Kolping groups

  • Amala, Azhikode
  • Deepam, Bakkalam
  • St. Alphonsa, Burnacherry
  • Holy Trinity, Burnacherry
  • Aiswarya, Chalil
  • St. Peters, Chalil
  • Divine, Cherukunnu
  • Miracle Stars, Pariyaram ITC
  • Shalom, Pariyaram ITC
  • Harsha, Kanakappalli
  • Maria, Karakkundu
  • Cherupushpam, Keloth
  • Madonna, Keloth
  • Snehadeepam, Korangode
  • Deepam, Kunhimangalam
  • St. Catherine, Kurumathur
  • Jyothis, Madakampoil
  • Mary Matha, Mangara
  • Holy Family, Mattul North
  • St. Teresa, Mattul South
  • Udaya, Mudikkanam
  • Angel, Nellikkunnu
  • Alphonsa, Neruvambram
  • Alphonsa, Neeleswaram
  • Amalapushpam, Pallikkara
  • Cherupushpam, Pallikkara
  • Jeeva, Pappinisserri
  • Karunyamatha, Parakkapara
  • Sneha, Parakkapara
  • Gloria, Punchakkad
  • Kripa, Pilikode
  • Pulari, Pattuvam
  • Anna, Puracherry
  • Divine, Sreestha
  • Kripa, Thayyil
  • Amrutha, Vellikkeel
  • Janani, Trikaripur
  • Paradise, Vellarivayal
  • Chaithanya, Pattuvam
  • Deepam, Kannur
  • Angel, Thavam
  • Monica, Pilicode
  • Holy Rosary, Thalasserry
  • Pulari, Bakkalam
  • Pratheeksha, Keloth
  • Stella Maris, Kattakkulam
  • Nirmal, Kunderi
  • Sneha, Kunhippara
  • St. Mary’s, Kunhippara
  • Nanma, Kuttur
  • Minerva, Iritty
  • Sacred Heart, Payangadi
  • Pulari, Kavumchal
  • Little Flower, Poovam
  • Angel, Anayandagiri
  • Morning Star, Pariyaram ITC
  • Mary Queen, Kanhangad
  • Chirathu, Madai
  • Phenuvel, Embatte
  • Ushass, Keezhpalli
  • Mudra, Kavumchal
  • Jerusalem, Kolayad
  • Little Flower, Neeleswaram

4. 107 Balavedhis/ ICPs

5. Vayojana groups

All the above groups are being monitored by the animators, promotors and the village development councils of the locality. Regional directors, regional promoters and Community organisers plays vital roles for the overall development and success of the village level activities.


Federation Leaders Meeting of Kolping India

To evaluate and monitor the Kolping programmes

Two days Seminar on Organic Farming (20 & 21 January 2016)

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Field visit by MSW Students

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Gathering of Family Development Program Beneficiaries

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KLM Dharna

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Entrepreneur meeting

Entrepreneur meeting inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Jilson Panakkal.

Regional meeting of Save A Family

Regional meeting (Save a Family Plan) at Bakkalam, Taliparamba

Regional meeting of Save A Family

Regional meeting (Save a Family Plan) at Bakkalam, Taliparamba

Regional meeting of Save A Family

Regional meeting (Save a Family Plan) at Bakkalam, Taliparamba